Month: March 2017

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So I just started learning more about SEO (search engine optimization) and it seems super interesting. I studied a little digital marketing in college but nothing like this. I started teaching myself a lot about SEO from youtube videos which cover a lot of the basic stuff like on-page, content, and off-page. I also learned how important site speed and click through rates can play in being ranked high in the search engine.

I ran my sites through a simple checker online and found that my score was pretty decent but still much to be improved. I will be tweaking keyword densities, content length around and see if it does anything.

I figured with my business growing, now is the time to invest in some digital marketing for my website. I will be attending an Appleton SEO conference hosted by about some more advance ninja techniques as they call it. I would love to learn more about case studies and real world examples of how seo effects small businesses. I figured I rather learn from an expert then to waste money trying things myself and failing.

I’ll keep you guys all posted on this conference and what I learn. Please post below some of your cool SEO tricks 🙂